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We are Tipp Center 

Our mission statement is "connecting business, entrepreneur, and community". We are honored to serve community in GOLDEN NAVIGATORS 2023 by bringing together an exclusive group of companies, and civic, non-profit organizations under one roof to serve you.  



My name is Jackie Millett

I witnessed and supported my mother while she became the caregiver for my father, unaware of the many helpful senior resources available and how to connect with them. She needed to know she didn't have to go through it alone.

After twenty years in healthcare, I became acutely aware that the current aging population, my parents included, is not prepared. They need to be connected with the resources available before they find themselves in the middle of situations because of declining health and not knowing where they can turn for help.



My name is Brenda Walters

"I have been a caregiver to four parents. I had a relative understanding of healthcare options available, having worked in and with a variety of services and providers, over the past 40 years. It was still very difficult to access these services and know where to turn. There are a wide range of services and companies that provide the same or similar services. It is very important and helpful to know what local resources are available. As I meet with seniors and families, it is apparent that most do not have the benefit of healthcare experience or family involvement in healthcare. It would be helpful to have a place to go to learn about the available resources."



My name is Jim Valekis

A career pastor, author and amateur artist born in Alabama with a “bouzouki” on his knee, a way of saying I was born into a Greek family in the Deep South. After a 32-year career in pastoral ministry, completed my first CPE nationally accredited chaplaincy program, serving as Chaplain for the Kettering Health Network in the Dayton, Ohio area and work part-time in chaplain for Day City Hospice.

Founder of Crossroads ConneXions, a 501 ( c ) 3 founded on the “connecting” power of the Trinitarian life of God and dedicated to connecting “real needs, good deeds and people from all walks of life.”  currently serving as Client Support professional at Tipp Center in Tipp City, Ohio, whose mission is to connect “Community, Business and Entrepreneurs” from a Trinitarian faith-based perspective.  My vision for the “Golden Navigator” senior services event:

“Helping all of us in the “golden” years navigate life with intentionality and planning definitely is a real need so many have. There are so many wonderful organizations doing “good deeds” for them by the services they provide, I thought it was time to get as many of them as we could together to help people have ways to connect with the amazing services they offer.”

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to “connect” these resources with the people that need them under one roof. These Golden Navigator events are designed to do just that.”

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